Update March 2016


Slides showing existing building structure 28th Feb 2016

Work  commenced  on Monday 14th March with the erection of the scaffolding around the theatre to allow the roofing works to start. The scaffolding will be erected around the perimeter of the theatre to allow the roofing works to be started  on one side, whilst the repointing of the wall is carried out on the other side.

It is expected that the works will take around 8 weeks to complete and we are hoping that it will be ready for the Showaddywaddy gig on 10th June. Access doors to the theatre will all be available during the building works and the supporting uprights will be protected to avoid any accidents from people walking into them. If you are visiting our theatre during the works please take care around the scaffolding.

The total cost of the works is expected to exceed £70,000 and whilst we currently have not received any grants from funding bodies, we are confident that when people see activity of this type this will hopefully encourage people to donate to our fund to preserve the heritage of the theatre for future generations

We will be reporting on progress on our face book page so please take a look

Slides showing start of scaffolding erection  14th March 2016

Our company secretary ( Darren Cooper) is very busy at present training for the London Marathon and has currently raised the fantastic sum of £4,000, he is aiming higher for £5,000 so please support him if you can. If he manages to raise enough we may also be able to replace the roof on the dressing rooms at the same time. Please see our support us page for a link to his sponsorship site

Removal of slates starts 21st March

The work commenced to remove the slates from the Albion Road side of the theatre and there where some unexpected findings:-

The slates are a non standard size, the main roof being 18″x9″ and the front roof 18″x 11″ they would normally be 10″ and 12″ wide

The entire roof is under boarded with 1″ tongue and groove boards, which are found to be in execellant condition, given that they are well over 100 years old

There is a blanket covering of insulation  a knitted fibre material quilt on top of the board under the slates. We don’t know why and cannot see that there was any benefit to this external insulation as it would have little effect ontop of the boards. It is however a very dusty operation to remove it as it has badly disintegrated over the years.

photos from the roof 25th March

Update Jan 2016

In June this year New Mills AODS will be celebrating fifty years of continuous ownership an operation of this wonderful theatre, it is unique, there is nothing, size for size, to compare even in many of our towns and cities.

The board of Directors last year appointed David Wilmore of Theatresearch to assist with some areas of the  restoration program. The first and possibly the most inportant ascpect was for David to advise on all aspects of the Theatre Artchitectural and cultural Merit as well as produce a conservation statement. We expect to receive this final report very shortly ( End Feb 16)

Re-supporting of the original arch May 15

Having completed the re-supporting of the original proscenium arch last year at a cost of £25,000 in April this year we are embarking on our biggest project so far. The replacement of the roof and repointing of the externals walls at an estimated cost of £70,000, which seems expensive until you consider that a single repair to the roof in late December last year cost in excess of £900.00 due mainly to the hire of special access equipment hire, this was only for a singe days work, so the sooner the works are done the better

Existing roof and external walls Feb. 16

To date we have received no support form external grant giving bodies and the works are being funded from our own funds which have been raised over a number of years. Once this money is spent we will need to raise more funds to carry out other much needed repairs and inprovements some of which are listed below

Disabled access to theatre,s foyer and auditorium

New Stalls toilet facilities

Remodelling of the Foyer to increase toilet facilities

Installation of an Orchestra Pit

Upgrading of the Stage Engineering


If you have not seen the theatre from the inside  please pay us a visit to appreciate what a gem the New Mills Community has and must ensure it does not lose.

Art Theatre | Jodrell Street | New Mills | High Peak | SK22 3HJ